Jayasingada, Jajpur, Odisha, India
Bandhadiha Odisha IN

Sapneshwar temple Is an ancient hindu temple approximately 500 years old, Nearby people says, lord Shiva was discovered there by a gowala (cow care taker). One fine evening the gowala saw his cow milking in a place in the field and he observed the same happening multiple times for few weeks. And then he told to the village head about the same and they dug in the ground and hit the stone shaped like shivling and it is still broken shape until now. Since then people worshiping the shivling. Many times people tried to bring the stone from 10 ft down to ground level to avoid the water liking in 10 ft down as a river is running by the place. But seems lord has its own planning to stay in the water. And in spite of trying multiple times to bring the shivling up, people disqualified as the stone is dip rooted in the earth.


The very old wooden temple was destroyed in 1975 heavy flood in Jaipur district. And in 1982 with help of all devotees from Jayasinghada and other nearby village a concrete temple was built. And the main supporter was (late) Mr. Nabin Padhi who also remembered by his villagers for doing so many social projects in schools, temples and other cultural activities.

Every single day Prasad is offered to lord Shiva in morning and evening by the priests and arti , kirtan is followed by the Prasad.  This is the place where people from far comes to get cure from complex health problem with the grace and blessing from Sapnesswar. This believe and culture is still continuing tilldate.

Communication Address
From Kuakhia it is 20 KM inside via Brahmabarada